About US

Our company was established in 2011 in Istanbul. The main area of our activity is the design and production of the metal sheet processing and forming machines which are required by the ventilation industry. Our company is specialized in design and manufacturing of the machines especially like Auto Duct Forming Machine, ADF Line With Notching System, Uncoiler, Seam Closing Machine, Plasma Cutting Machine, Lock Forming Machine, Flange Cutting Machine, Flanging Machine, Pittsburgh Seam Closer Machine. By responding to the demands of our customers we are carrying on our manufacture at our 1500 m2 closed area and marketing products we manufactured to domestic and overseas markets. The main principle of our establishment as of ‘3E Makina’ is: ‘There Is No End Of The Perfectness’. On this never-ending way we are always improving our manufacture with innovative ideas and continuous R&D activities. Thanks to the high quality of our production to which we pay a lot of attention, our fair price policy and after-sale technical support services ‘3E Makina’ in a short period of time became the most preferred brand in the ventilation industry on both domestic and abroad markets. Ventilation duct, profile, forming and roll-forming machines produced by ‘3E Makina’ being available in each province of Turkey are rapidly spread across Asian and European countries.